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Explore the Wonders of Ba Be National Park at Puong Cave!

Discover the magnificence of Puong Cave, a vast natural marvel nestled in the heart of Ba Be National Park in Bac Kan province, just 5 km from the bustling center of Cho Ra town. This cave, extending 300 meters in length and towering over 30 meters high, was sculpted by the meandering Nang River beneath the majestic Lung Nham limestone mountain.

Ba Be Lake, Ba Be National Park
Ba Be Lake,2024.Mr.Luan

To embark on your Puong Cave adventure, board a boat and cruise along the enchanting Nang River for approximately 400 meters. Witness the emergence of Dong Puong door from a distance, a sight that captivates with its majestic allure upon closer inspection.

Inside the cave, be mesmerized by the breathtaking scenery of steep cliffs adorned with an array of stalactites in various shapes and hues. As you delve deeper into the cave, the darkness intensifies, yet remains alluring to tourists. The cave is also home to a thriving community of bats, adding to the mysterious ambiance with their echoes in response to visitors' footsteps and flashing lights.

Puong Cave narrates a tale of the gentle Nang River carving through limestone cliffs, creating a spectacular stream and numerous caves. Many liken Puong Cave to a colossal shark, seemingly devouring wooden boats gracefully navigating down the river.

Despite Ba Be Lake National Park's popularity, Puong Cave retains its pristine charm, harboring countless undiscovered mysteries within its stalactite-filled chambers. Geologists from Vietnam and Belgium have collaborated to study the unique geological features, unveiling the transformation of limestone into granite within Puong Cave.

Serving as the passage for the Nang River, Puong Cave allows boat-bound visitors to traverse its expanse, offering a serene journey through its cavernous interior. Picture yourself on a small boat, gliding effortlessly along the tranquil Nang River, accompanied by the rhythmic sounds of rowing paddles—an experience that transports the souls of tourists into the serene and emotionally rich countryside surrounding Ba Be National Park.

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